How to choose clothes for the gym

How to choose the right clothing for the gym? The clothes to wear in the gym should not respond to the dictates of fashion or just to personal tastes , but rather reflect some parameters that allow you to be comfortable and at ease. Move easily, do not suffer too much heat and be of good quality : these are the requirements that the clothing for the gym should satisfy. So let’s see in detail how to choose the most suitable clothes for sport and training in the gym.

Let’s start from the shirt: the material to be preferred should be cotton. The ideal is in fact to choose a t-shirt made of natural materials and to avoid those of synthetic materials. The size should be slightly more comfortable than the one we normally wear. Alternatively, you can opt for more close-fitting sweaters but in this case it is advisable to purchase those made of technical material which, like cotton, allows a good transpiration of the leather. It is also useful to dress in layers:

it is good not to forget a sweatshirt or a cotton jacket with zip, to be used after sweating or during a break to avoid exposure to drafts. For women, moreover, a sports bra is mandatory, which allows you to support the breasts avoiding irritation or discomfort due to stitching or underwire.

Even the trousers for the gym are to be preferred in cotton. Fresh and light, it is good that they are soft, not too tight but not too large to prevent them from coming down easily or impinging on the movements. They can also be long or short depending on the type of training, temperature or personal preferences. For example, for cardio sessions, or other workouts that involve fast movements, it is better to opt for the short ones,

on the contrary for slower sessions like weights and pilates it is better to wear long trousers. Moreover, if we wish to practice spinning we can use special reinforced trousers that protect the lower limbs from damage resulting from incorrect movements. Another variant of trousers for the gym is represented by adherent ones, which are reminiscent of leggings: used by both men and women, they are comfortable and elasticated like a sock. Care must be taken, however, and choose them in high quality material, not synthetic, and above all must not excessively compress legs and waist.

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